São Jorge Castle Gateway

The following project is part of Ricardo Bak Gordon’s studio – Lisbon Story. The Project site is located in Lisbon, on the boundary perimeter of the St. Jorge Castle located here. The primary goal of the project is to provide a method to move between the street below and the castle plateau above – a 30 meter grade change in a very compact site.

While providing a way for pedestrians to traverse to the castle more easily, The core of this work focuses on the broader effect of digital technology on tourism and how its distraction has caused us to become disengaged from attractions like the Castle of St. Jorge.

To address the distraction, the project burrows underground to create a gateway away from the outside world and into the new atmosphere of the castle. Additionally, throughout the project, there are intense stimulating engagements between two ways of travel – the funicular tube, and the more circuitous stair. By enclosing, disorienting, and forcing interaction, this project becomes an apparatus significant in forming novel moments that both physically and socially engage the user. The subterranean //AT.00//mospheres string together as one threshold, which distracts castle visitors from the phone and fully prepares them for the attraction atop the hill.