Presidio Strand

The main goal of this project is to create an intervention which becomes inseparable from the landscape, both physically and programmatically.  Although most buildings around the site are to stay, this project proposes to clash these programs together to create overlaps between people which normally would not interact around the Presidio.

Needing to connect the parade grounds to lower Crissy Field as well, this visitor’s center will celebrate the connection of these two places.  It will have a strong built presence on the site however; it will have a strong connection back to the landscape as well.  Lifting as an autonomous mass in some areas, the project will touch back to land in strategic locations.  Diffusing strongly into the existing park, the merging of new programs, building, and landscape, will allow all users to interact with their program of interest, other visitors, and the park simultaneously.

Because the entire replaced program is so deeply embedded into the scheme, non-historical buildings which were not to be demolished, now can be.  The consolidation and compression of every necessity of the visitor’s center/ park will ultimately free park space allowing natural landscape to re-inhabit places it was previously removed.